EADE (pronounced ee-yah-deh) is the brainchild of Clifford Espinosa (a Filipino artist, environmentalist, and master sculptor), and Allan Cristobal (entrepreneur and CEO of ALC Holdings, Inc.). Each EADE creation is expertly made without a single nail, using only a sophisticated interlocking system created by the master himself. Wooden pegs, mortise and tenon joints make each puzzle-like piece detachable, resulting in multi-layered masterpieces that are artful and functional, and also, simply beautiful to behold.


Each EADE masterpiece is unique as a fingerprint, and uses only upcycled wood that has been treated with the utmost care. Since its establishment in 2013, EADE continues to create furniture responsibly, and with sustainability in mind. Each piece is an expression of the artist’s belief in the integration of mind, body, and spirit as it harmonizes with nature.

Meet The Artist

Clifford Espinosa believes that design and art should not only express beauty, but also contribute to the preservation and enhancement of nature. All of his creations are painstakingly made by hand, and every detail is expertly constructed with rich cultural undertones.

He uses reclaimed wood from demolished old houses in order to protest against man’s destructive consumerism. By retrieving cast-off materials and reinstating them into an original structure or installation, he breathes new life into old wood and turns them into masterpieces that bring awe and joy for a lifetime.