About Clifford Espinosa

His academic training was in architecture, but what Clifford Espinosa really wanted to do was to get down and dirty, and use his hands to sculpt his beliefs into tangible form.

Prior to finishing his studies at the prestigious University of the Philippines in 1987, Espinosa left the academe to apprentice under master craftsman Jerusalino “Jerry” Araos, who painstakingly mentored and molded the young Espinosa into the artist that he is today. Espinosa recounts the over eight years of rigid, monk-like training he had received under Araos, who emphasized discipline, rigor, and technique over artistic flair.

At present, and as Product and Research Development Director at EADE, Espinosa seamlessly combines the same discipline and technique he had learned from his master, with his own values and philosophy, to train a new generation of craftsmen. He emboldens his team to “liberate the art from the artist,” and to “set free the intentions of the medium without being boxed in by the limitations of the artist’s own hands.”


His creative philosophy, as told by the artist

On legacy and heritage

“It is important for me to seamlessly link past, present, and future, which is why each piece has a clear intention and a clear story. When you dismantle a piece and are left with its parts, it is my wish that each of these interlocking pieces can be reused again—as their owners intend for them to be used—so that nothing ever gets wasted or lost in time. Nothing ever needs to be destroyed; each piece forms part of a continuum that tells the story of the past, the present, and the future. Memories are preserved; memories are retained and passed on for all time. In today’s day and age, where memories are reduced to digitized bits, it’s important that memories become tangible—that you can actually touch, hold, and embrace them.”